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 Bohrer 200mm     

The company has been active since 01.07.2003. We offer professional equipment such as augers, well drills and fire columns directly from the manufacturer (from our own production) at a great price, as well as accessories related to the topic of well construction. Our products are developed in the field and not on the drawing board, furthermore we use more stable and high quality material than is necessary to provide you with a high quality product, so you do not have to be annoyed and enjoy our products for a long time, because Only with good tools can you do a good job. Of course, quality comes at a price, but you will find that out when working with these products, and appreciate them too, because the work is easy, everything fits, nothing breaks and lasts for a long time.
We ourselves have often the experience "who buys cheap, often twice buys angry and the desired goal is not achieved." You will find only products that are used by us in everyday life (under the harshest conditions), which consequently also practice proven, have a high stability and quality and are in the after cheaper than DIY products. For us, the functionality, the ease of use and the stability is our top priority and that is exactly what we want to pass on to our customers, who are not concerned with this topic every day, but have set ambitious goals / projects.
The topic well construction is very complex and in practice often difficult to set, because it can be very easy, but also very difficult with many problems. We claim that it is possible for anyone to build their own well or beat, we provide you on this website all the necessary information and handling descriptions available.

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